Is the Black Panther Franchise able to Continue after Boseman’s Passing?

The death of Chadwick Boseman came as a surprise to all of us. It was not public knowledge that the main character of Black Panther suffered from colon cancer during the filming of the movie.

Although at the end of the film, after the death of the king, Black Panther’s sister is left in charge of Wakanda, it is not known what will happen to the film in real life. Perhaps it will be an opportunity for a new actress to continue the legacy of powerful female roles as in the original comic.

Writers and activists believe that Marvel and Walt Disney Co. should honour Boseman’s legacy. An argument that unites a new Black Panther from the existing cast of the film or anywhere else in the Marvel Universe would be most ideal.

The most sensible thing for all the followers who would find it very difficult to see another actor in the role of Black Panther is to continue with Shuri at the helm.

Although Disney and Marvel are not yet commenting on the future of the saga, they have focused on paying tribute to Boseman.

Actors of the Marvel Universe like The Avengers also paid various tributes to Boseman as an actor and as a superhero.

They made a moving video reviewing Chadwick’s acting career. Above all, it revalues his humility and how important it was for a generation of children to see an African-American superhero on the big screen.

Black Panther

Is the Black Panther Franchise able to Continue after Bosemans Passing 1 - Is the Black Panther Franchise able to Continue after Boseman's Passing?

Black Panther came to life in 1966 thanks to the creative mind of Marvel Studios. Its film released in 2018 generated $1.35 billion at the box office as well as 3 Academy Awards and a Best Picture nomination. The second part of this saga would start shooting in March to be released in 2022.

It had a production budget of $200 million. This film marked a before and after in Hollywood. It was the first film with a predominantly black cast and was praised for its diversity. Hollywood has been criticized for preferring white actors.

Breaking the Myth

Is the Black Panther Franchise able to Continue after Bosemans Passing 2 - Is the Black Panther Franchise able to Continue after Boseman's Passing?

Disney managed to break the myth that it was impossible to sell films with black actors as protagonists. Stan Lee celebrated and declared that inclusion sells. The film came at a time when U.S. President Donald Trump questioned why it was necessary to receive immigrants from Haiti and African countries. This caused enormous racial tension in the country.

The great technological advances that the film had were also factors in making it an icon of cinema.

Speculation continues that Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, will take the role of Wakanda’s protector. In the comics, the sequence takes place in The Deadliest of the Species. We will only have to wait for what Marvel and Disney will bring us so that Boseman’s legacy as the Black Panther remains intact.

The death of this great actor, who was just 43 years old, has been a hard shock for the Marvel franchise, Disney, and all his faithful followers. The year 2020 continues to leave us with a lot of bad news.